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Artem Pelenitsyn a.pelenitsyn at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 22:18:30 UTC 2022

Dear cabal devs,

I made a "mistake" of opening an issue against Mergify's repo:
(It had to do with a change in our Mergify config couple month back that
didn't work as we expected, but that's beside the point)

Couple days after that I got the email I'm forwarding to you. They want an
interview with

> someone from the Haskell project about your GitHub workflow and how you
use Mergify

I am not a maintainer, only a casual contributor, so I think it's better be
someone more intimately working on
cabal development. I CC'ed people who created and updated Cabal's Mergify
config, as well as our beloved
release manager Mikolaj.

Please, let me know if you're interested in talking with them. If not, I
guess, I can try to fill these (rather big) shoes,
but I'd really rather not.

Best regards,
Artem Pelenitsyn

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From: Mergify Support <support at mergify.com>
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2022 at 09:06
Subject: Interview request // Mergify
To: <a.pelenitsyn at gmail.com>

Hello Artem,

My name is Anne-Laure, and I am a Tech Editor at Mergify.

I'm contacting you today because we'd like to interview someone from the
Haskell project about your GitHub workflow and how you use Mergify.

Examples of already published interviews can be found here:
- [They use Mergify series]
- [This is my workflow series]

Is that something you might be interested in?"

Have a great day
  *Mergify Support*
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