cabal-install-3.4-rc1 now available

Oleg Grenrus oleg.grenrus at
Mon Jul 27 16:00:52 UTC 2020

The Cabal developers are happy to announce the first release candidate
for cabal-install-

The corresponding tag is `cabal-install-3.4-rc1`,

and there is a handful of binaries available at

Ubuntu-16.04 bindist should work on most recent Linux distributions,
(requires at least kernel 3.15, compiled against glibc-2.23).
Similarly darwin-sierra bindist should work on newer macOSes as well.

cabal-install-3.4 release highlights are:

- Support for upcoming GHC-9.0
- Removal of sandboxes
- Improved public sublibrary support
- `active-repositories` configuration
- Various `cabal init` improvements
- Various `cabal sdist` improvements
- `source-repository-package` are not treated as local packages
- Added `list-bin` command

Complete release notes (drafts) are at:

Please do test this release and let us know if you encounter any issues:

On 25.7.2020 13.07, Oleg Grenrus wrote:
> Dear all,
> Last week I tagged Cabal-3.4 release candidate. After fixing few
> immediately obvious issues with cabal-install, I have successfully used
> it for a week.
> This week I have been working on improving scripts for bootstrapping and
> release packaging, and as intermediate result there are
> - x86_64-darwin-sierra
> - x86_64-ubuntu-14.04
> - x86_64-alpine-3.11.6
> - amd64-freebsd-12.1-RELEASE
> - aarch64-ubuntu-18.04
> bootstrapped builds at
> The ubuntu-14.04 build works on later ubuntu, debian, and centos which I
> tried (in docker). Note, alpine build is not static, i.e. it dynamically
> links against musl.
> Please try these out, especially try to build cabal-install (from 3.4)
> branch, and use it, so we can fix most of regressions since 3.2.
> I'm specially interested whether the darwin/macos build works on newer
> macos versions.
> The release notes for Cabal-3.4 and cabal-install-3.4 are available at
> - Oleg
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