Issue with multi public library feature on Cabal 3.0

Good boy goodboy96 at
Tue Jan 21 11:37:30 UTC 2020

Hi All,

I'm currently having issue with the multi public library feature on Cabal 3.0.

I have a `main` package that has a dependency on `sub` package that exports main and sub library

build-depends:   sub:{sub, sublib}

But when I try to build it, I got an error saying

cabal: Encountered missing or private dependencies:
sub : {sub, sublib} ==

I have `visibility: true` on my library stanza, and I have cabal-install 3.0 installed, I couldn't figure out what's wrong. I've come across this issue, and I'm not sure whether it's related to my issue.

Here's an example of the code I have:

Best regards,

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