installing agda-master with cabal on ubuntu

rick rick at
Wed Feb 20 15:26:54 UTC 2019

Thanks in advance.

I am updating my install to agda-master using the new cabal commands.

After a github clone, Cabal new-build appears to build without error 
ending in the following :

setup: filepath wildcard 'doc/user-manual.pdf' does not match any files.

It creates a dist-newstyle folder with build, cache, packagedb, sdist 
and tmp directories.

cabal new-install --lib appears to install without error ending in the 
following :
resolving dependencies ... up to date

However, cabal list --installed does not list Agda and Agda is not 
listed as a package under ~/.cabal/packages or ~/.cabal/lib.

Do I just copy my Agda-2.6.0 directory into ~/.cabal/packages?

I can execute agda interactively, etc. I'd just like to get the 
packaging right.


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