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Christopher Allen cma at
Sun Jun 17 17:20:58 UTC 2018

I don't think this is fair to the maintainers of Cabal and the Cabal
website. You can't do work nobody asked for and then get upset if
people are unwilling to adopt and maintain the unasked-for-code.
That's like buying someone a puppy, when you don't even know if they
like dogs. Writing software anew is the fun part, the not-fun part is
the maintenance.

I've worked as a web developer for 10 years now and a SPA for what
could and should be strictly a purely static content website would
only have downsides even when you ignore maintenance. I won't
enumerate my grievances with SPAs in general or in particular for this
kind of website, Bardur and Thomas and discussed some of the issues

I appreciate that you wanted to make something for the community and
see it get used, but you need factor in and carefully consider
peoples' needs, constraints, and desires if you want them to use what
you make. I think it would be sad and a loss if this put you off
contributing to projects like Cabal in the future though.

If you're interested in helping the Haskell community and it wasn't
just about making a ReactJS website I would exhort you to check the
calls for participation on Haskell Weekly ( e.g
. ) or to reach out to
specific maintainers on projects you care about and ask them what they
feel is needed. I'm not involved in Cabal and have no authority, but
if you'd asked me, I would've said the Cabal site mostly needed some
design and content love, but if that's a specific thing you want to
help out with then I'd say you should talk to those responsible for

Hope you have a good day,

On Sun, Jun 17, 2018 at 11:17 AM, Imants Cekusins <imantc at> wrote:
> Well, I put in a full week in this version.
> If this website is not usable, fair enough.
> Let's wait for the version that suits.
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