inactive issues

Bardur Arantsson spam at
Wed Feb 25 18:36:11 UTC 2015

On 25-02-2015 19:21, lennart spitzner wrote:
> I am not convinced. how does closing ~40 out of ~700 open tickets make
> the contributors more effective? that demand exceeds resources is
> true, but it is no argument for closing issues. many of the issues
> represent sensible ideas for features that do not need new feedback.

Well, it's a *start* at reducing the ridiculous number of outdated
issues. Nobody is served by having huge numbers of outdated issues in an
issue tracker. It's demotivating and the likelihood of an issue being
fixed (or implemented, or...) decreases exponentially the longer it's
been in a tracker... which is usually fair enough since it must mean
that it's not *that* important after all.

> I'd say the general lack of stability and the recently mentioned
> lack of tests are the main problems of Cabal;
> to a degree this looks like shooting at symptoms.

That may certainly be the case. You should feel to contribute fixes for
any of the existing issues -- that would help the Cabal maintainer(s)
enormously, I suspect.


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