tweaks to cabal-install

Jake Wheat jakewheatmail at
Sun Sep 28 15:14:21 UTC 2014


I've made some tweaks to the here:

1. It avoids downloading the additional haskell package tarballs if
these tarballs are already present in the current
directory. Motivation: easily install on machines not connected to the
internet, and make install more robust against local internet
connection problems (we have a lot of these).

2. The SCOPE_OF_INSTALLATION variable use is slightly changed to allow
installing cabal-install executable without either using or altering
the user's package database, or replacing any cabal-install executable
which they already have.

ghc-pkg init /home/jake/test_cabal/
PREFIX=/home/jake/test_cabal/prefix ./

Is it possible to put these changes into the main cabal repo?  If
there are some changes which would make the patch acceptable then
please let me know. Also, is there a simpler way to meet these goals
which I missed?

Jake Wheat
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