Cabal hack night suggestions

David Laing dave.laing.80 at
Fri Jan 3 12:50:44 UTC 2014

Hi all,

There are a few people in my local FP meetup group looking into doing some
semi-regular Haskell hack nights, and we're hoping to target various tools
and libraries in the Haskell ecosystem so that we can give back a little
while having fun and honing our skills.

Cabal is pretty high on our list of things to hack on, and we're hoping to
start mid next week.

I'm sure we'll be able to click through github issues and submit pull
requests on our own, but I thought I'd ask if anyone has any thoughts on
areas that would be good to look at that might sit in a sweet spot of being
both beneficial to Cabal and accessible to newcomers to the code.

Does anyone have any thoughts?


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