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Duncan Coutts duncan at well-typed.com
Wed Sep 11 12:46:03 CEST 2013

On Thu, 2013-05-23 at 11:00 +0200, Erik Hesselink wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just upgraded our internal hackage to the latest HEAD. I found that
> the behavior of the 'trustees' group has changed. Previously, they
> could upload any (existing) package, but that doesn't work anymore.

Ah yes.

> This functionality was very useful for us, since otherwise, we'd have
> to add all our coders as maintainers to all our packages. I've patched
> our local code, but my question is:
>  * Is this a bug and should I push a patch?

No, it is intended behaviour. For the public server the policy we want
is that only maintainers can upload packages. Trustees can tinker with
metadata but don't get to completely override maintainers.

I see that there is a tension here and you want a different policy
because all your local users are trusted. In the short term your patch
is the right thing to do. In the longer term we may want to make this
more configurable separately, rather than hard coded.

>  * Is this intended and should I push a patch to the text at
> http://hackage.typlab.com/packages/trustees/, since it doesn't
> correspond to the current behavior?

Yes please.

Or better yet, switch that page use a template (like many of the new
features use) so that it's easy to customise text like this.

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