Feature Idea: --no-remote-fetching flag

Adam Foltzer acfoltzer
Tue Oct 8 16:46:57 UTC 2013


With the wonderful advent of sandboxes in mainline cabal, I'd like to see
what folks think of a flag to disable remote fetching of dependencies. The
idea is that one could `cabal sandbox add-source` a set of trusted
dependencies, and then be assured that a subsequent `cabal install
--no-remote-fetching` would *only* resolve dependencies in that trusted set.

I'd be willing to explore implementing this myself, if it would be
appropriate for a first-time cabal hacker. I'm also quite interested to
hear whether this would be a useful feature for others, or other ways you
might propose to address the problem.

I also understand that I can get this behavior by modifying the
~/.cabal/config, but this is a kludgey approach that is not workable in all
deployment environments.

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