Should we aim for a new release in late January?

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Thu Nov 28 12:12:54 UTC 2013

Is it really that many cycles?  (Compared to all the other great stuff the Cabal team are doing.)


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Hi Simon,

I don't think it's being actively worked on. Duncan and I chat about it once in a while when we meet in person, but we don't have the cycles to do it.

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I'm thrilled that there so much Cabal activity!

Is anyone working on, or interested in, the issue of compiling and installing the same package against different dependencies?  (There was a Google SoC project about this.)  Cabal sandboxes address the same issue, but at some user cost.  It should Just Work.


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Cabal development is continuing at a furious pace. There are lots of great things in master that I'd like to get out to users, such as

 * relinking avoidance
 * build -j
 * ability to specify exact deps on the command line
 * haskell-suite compiler support
 * bug fixes

Here's an approximate list of commits (both Cabal and cabal-install) since the last release:

It's not entirely accurate as some patches were cherry-picked onto the 1.18 branch and thus have different commit IDs.

-- Johan

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