Should we aim for a new release in late January?

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Thu Nov 28 11:41:51 UTC 2013

I'm thrilled that there so much Cabal activity!

Is anyone working on, or interested in, the issue of compiling and installing the same package against different dependencies?  (There was a Google SoC project about this.)  Cabal sandboxes address the same issue, but at some user cost.  It should Just Work.


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Cabal development is continuing at a furious pace. There are lots of great things in master that I'd like to get out to users, such as

 * relinking avoidance
 * build -j
 * ability to specify exact deps on the command line
 * haskell-suite compiler support
 * bug fixes

Here's an approximate list of commits (both Cabal and cabal-install) since the last release:

It's not entirely accurate as some patches were cherry-picked onto the 1.18 branch and thus have different commit IDs.

-- Johan

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