sandbox hashcode in dist directory

Tim Docker tim at
Mon Nov 11 01:22:43 UTC 2013

Thanks for the quick reply - I'll make an attempt to get ghc-mod to be 
compatible with this.


On 11/11/13 11:26, Mikhail Glushenkov wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 11:26 PM, Tim Docker <tim at> wrote:
>> However since starting to use cabal sandboxes, the generated code ends up in
>> a directory like this:
>>      dist/dist-sandbox-c4c8b1d4/build/autogen/
>> What is this hashcode for? Is it always generated when using a sandbox? If I
>> have code (like ghc-mod) that needs to access the
>> build directory, how do I work out the value of the hashcode?
> So that you can use the same add-source dependency with several
> different sandboxes and also build it standalone. See discussion in
> As to how generate the hash code yourself, the relevant part of the
> source code is
> That function takes the absolute path to the current sandbox
> ('/path/to/.cabal-sandbox') as input.

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