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Ben Millwood haskell at
Sat Mar 9 19:09:49 CET 2013

On Sat, Mar 09, 2013 at 09:09:12AM +0000, C W Rose wrote:
>The current Cabal package documentation is in some form of markup language,
>and I'd like to convert that to HTML.  I suspect that Haddock is the
>preferred approach, but Haddock doesn't seem to recognise the file format.
>Is there anyway, short of hand editing, to convert these files (which have
>a .markup extension) to HTML?  Just building the package doesn't work.
>Thanks - Will

Do you perhaps mean .markdown? If so, you're probably talking about the 
User's Guide, and the files you refer to are meant to be compiled with 
Pandoc ( or cabal install pandoc), to 
HTML or PDF or any of the impressive range of output formats it 

The Makefile knows what commands to run: try 'make users-guide'.

There are also Haddock docs which can be built using 'cabal haddock' 
from the source directory.

It would be nice, IMO (I have no authority in the matter) if just 
building the package did build the docs too, but no-one's done the work 
yet. See also

Hope this helps.


(re-sent because I forgot to reply from the correct address the first 
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