darcs patch: Add a new checkout Command (and 1 more)

Joachim Breitner mail at joachim-breitner.de
Sat Jul 20 17:24:17 CEST 2013


after Iain reminded me of my lightning talk at the Ghent Hackathon about
it I noticed that I had just sent that patch and then forgot about it:

Am Sonntag, den 07.11.2010, 12:45 +0100 schrieb Joachim Breitner:
> the small feature implemented by the attached patches could make it more
> convenient for people to quickly and easily contribute to hackage packages.
> Do you want me to open a ticket for this or can you appl yit right away?
> Thanks,
> Joachim
> 2 patches for repository http://darcs.haskell.org/cabal-install:
> Sun Nov  7 12:35:32 CET 2010  Joachim Breitner <mail at joachim-breitner.de>
>   * Add a new checkout Command
>   Given a package name, this uses the SourceRepo field of the newest versionf of
>   that pacakge to figure out the repository location and calls the right VCS
>   invocation.
> Sun Nov  7 12:43:35 CET 2010  Joachim Breitner <mail at joachim-breitner.de>
>   * Add a --dry-run flag to cabal checkout

Is there still interest in that patch?


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