patch applied (hackage-server): "Start cleanup of PackageCandidates (1/N)" and 1 others

devnull at devnull at
Thu Jan 31 18:23:49 CET 2013

Thu Jan 31 16:13:23 GMT 2013  edsko at
  * Start cleanup of PackageCandidates (1/N)
  Ignore-this: 9603f6b9d7e569c61dfd2f9bb40bc887
  Remove redundant arguments from the withXXX functions, to make their purpose
  clearer. Next up: bring in line with core.

    M ./Distribution/Server/Features/Html.hs -4 +4
    M ./Distribution/Server/Features/PackageCandidates.hs -16 +15

Thu Jan 31 17:22:48 GMT 2013  edsko at
  * Further cleanup of PackageCandidates
  Ignore-this: 479e70c64995fce07686dd453010bfdf
  Almost there; only internal use of a withXXX function left. Committing now
  because running out of time. 

    M ./Distribution/Server/Features/Html.hs -45 +45
    M ./Distribution/Server/Features/PackageCandidates.hs -63 +76

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