Cabal/cabal-install 1.18 RC2

Johan Tibell johan.tibell at
Thu Aug 29 04:40:32 CEST 2013


I've prepared another RC, including some fixes. This one is based
on 9f374ab45e62924506b992db9157c970c7259a03 on the master branch. If we
don't see any problems with this RC the next few days, I'll release it as

Again, to install the RC just run:

    cabal install

These are the changes since RC1:

9f374ab Give the xxx_HOST_OS and xxx_HOST_ARCH options that were probed
from ghc's target platform, rather than assuming HOST == BUILD. This fixes
things for cross compiling.
0bd367f Fix the 'index.cache' up-to-date check.
323460e Unit tests: use configure GHC
473f76a Merge pull request #1440 from 23Skidoo/ghc-info-ignore-ghc-options
85cb83d Merge pull request #1441 from 23Skidoo/repl-extralibs
2d938de Rename 'pref' to 'libTargetDir'.
d9283d2 Rearrange the code a bit.
7802fa0 Ignore 'ghc-options' when parsing 'ghc --info' output.
218c6bb Add 'suppressOverrideArgs'.
43624cf Formatting.
a3bbf4c Pass linker options when loading *libraries* in GHCi.
c977ddd Merge changes from GHC HQ fork
5fa5c41 Merge branch 'master' into roles
dd3ca38 Fix link to users' guide.
2803d87 Added a new extension (RoleAnnotations) to the list

-- Johan
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