patch applied (hackage-server): "Use -threaded for the doc client " and 2 others

devnull at devnull at
Mon Aug 19 18:03:30 CEST 2013

Mon Aug 19 16:43:08 BST 2013  Edsko de Vries <edsko at>
  * Use -threaded for the doc client 
  Ignore-this: 6bdd91218f06fd259e1b0cf2fc5cb20f
  This seems to be necessary for correct handling of CTRL-C, although I do not
  understand why.

    M ./hackage-server.cabal -1 +3

Mon Aug 19 16:49:59 BST 2013  Edsko de Vries <edsko at>
  * Trivial continuous doc-building script
  Ignore-this: b2a25cd42dfd7f5e59f695e81dc78cf

    A ./

Mon Aug 19 17:02:49 BST 2013  Edsko de Vries <edsko at>
  * Add TODOs
  Ignore-this: 316c30306e7fb23b4f08d43cbd74156e

    M ./TODO -2 +20

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