patch applied (hackage-server): "Add 'updateAddTarball' "

devnull at devnull at
Thu Aug 15 16:43:45 CEST 2013

Thu Aug 15 15:40:01 BST 2013  edsko at
  * Add 'updateAddTarball' 
  Ignore-this: 7420c85083f6f9b56f23eff14e038bb0
  This avoids the use of mergePkg during import, which was forcing us to update
  the metadata when updating the tarball, and causing the 'Uploaded by' field of
  a package to be set to admin.

    M ./Distribution/Server/Features/Core.hs -2 +26
    M ./Distribution/Server/Features/Core/State.hs -7 +12
    M ./Distribution/Server/Features/Mirror.hs -17 +10
    M ./Distribution/Server/Packages/Types.hs +4

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