Lag in new hackage mirroring of old hackage

Gregory Weber gdweber at
Thu Aug 8 22:31:05 CEST 2013


I want to report some lag in the mirroring of old hackage
by the new hackage.

"Note: we are mirroring packages from the old server (currently every
30min) so it is suitable to use as your main hackage server with some
caveats: because we are allowing package authors to upload (as well as
the mirroring) then you may find a slightly different set of packages
on this server. "  

-- viewed on August 2, 2013

But for some elm packages, I just noticed today, the versions
on new hackage are considerably more than 30 minutes older
than those on old hackage:

  new hackage uploaded January 25, 2013
  old hackage uploaded May 28, 2013

  new hackage 0.7 uploaded January 4, 2013
  old hackage 0.8 uploaded May 22, 2013

I've been happily using the new hackage for some weeks now,
and occasionally enjoying the new features.  Other than this
lag, it's been a good experience.


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