hackage 2: alpha testing, testers wanted!

Duncan Coutts duncan at well-typed.com
Fri Apr 5 15:19:46 CEST 2013

On Thu, 2013-04-04 at 22:38 +0400, Lennart Kolmodin wrote:

> I tried to login with my username/pw, but failed.
> Here's what I did:
> I go to a package I've published and hit "edit package information" in the
> Maintainers' corner.
> It prompts me to login.
> If I hit cancel, it shows No authorization provided.
> If I type a random username/pw it keeps asking me.
> If I type my actual username/pw it asks me several times, then my
> webbrowser shows "This webpage is not available" (ie. not an error message
> from hackage). At one point it showed me a page where I could upgrade my
> account (and I haven't yet), but it does not show that page any more.
> I tried several times, it repeatedly shows me "This webpage is not
> available".

What browser are you using?

I'm going to try changing the status we return in this situation from
401 to 403. That is, if you have an existing account but it has an
old-style password that needs to be upgraded, then instead of returning
a 401 response with a page linking to the upgrade page, we return a 403.

In firefox the current responses work fine, but looking at the RFC it
makes it clear that 401 isn't the right response in this case. So I'll
try 403.

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