Gearing up for a cabal-install-1.16.0 release

Johan Tibell johan.tibell at
Thu Sep 27 16:44:20 CEST 2012

Hi all,

There's been a long time since we had a cabal-install release and
there are a lot of bug fixes in the repo we need to get out there.

After discussing with Duncan we agreed that the cabal-install release
should depend on the already released Cabal-1.16.0 package. I've
created a new branch, cabal-install-1.16.0, for making the
cabal-install-1.16.0 release. The branch was made from the point in
the history where Cabal-1.16 was released. There were some patches on
the cabal-1.16 branch that never made it into the Cabal-1.16 release.
If there are any commits on the cabal-1.16 branch that you think
should definitely be in cabal-install-1.16.0, please let me know and I
will try to cherry-pick them. Here's the list of commits:

N.B. Commits that require unreleased changes to the Cabal library
cannot be cherry-picked into this release, as we're not making a new
release of Cabal the library.

P.S. There will be more Cabal/cabal-install releases in the future so
lets not try to cram unnecessary stuff in this release. The goal is to
get almost a year's worth of unreleased stuff out there in a
non-eventful manner.


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