Status of cabal repl

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Fri Nov 9 19:42:40 CET 2012

On Wed, 2012-11-07 at 20:36 -0800, Johan Tibell wrote:
> Hi Duncan,
> I'm trying to finalize the list of things to include in
> Cabal/cabal-install 1.18, which I hope to push out by the end of this
> year. What's the current status of the cabal repl work? Is it close
> enough to being finished for someone else to pick up and take the rest
> of the way?

I'm reasonably happy with working on this part myself. It's the main
cabal hacking I'm doing right now.

At a guess I'd say another few weeks.

> In my naive understanding of the problem, now when we have refactored
> the way we create GHC command line invocations and gotten the ghci
> changes into GHC, it should be as simple manner of creating the needed
> command line (similar to cabal build but with e.g. an --interactive in
> there) and invoke ghci. This is probably a bit naive so perhaps you
> could clarify what's needed?

The bit I'm working on right now is actually the command line handling.
I'm trying to make it easy to use, only requiring disambiguation between
targets when really needed. I've just about finished writing a little
matching monad.

The internals I think are if anything easier. We've now got the graph of
components, and we've got the more structured command line handling.


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