Integrating tools with Cabal

Mikhail Glushenkov the.dead.shall.rise at
Fri Nov 9 19:36:58 CET 2012


On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 6:25 PM, Roman Cheplyaka <roma at> wrote:
>   searching for ld in path.
>   found ld at /usr/bin/ld
>   ("/home/feuerbach/bin/gen-iface",["-c","/tmp/17368.c","-o","/tmp/17368.o"])
>   ("/usr/bin/ld",["-x","-r","/tmp/17368.o","-o","/tmp/17369.o"])
>   /usr/bin/ld returned ExitFailure 1 with error message:
>   /tmp/17368.o: file not recognized: File truncated
>   Setup: /tmp/17369.o: does not exist

I looked into this - this is caused by configureLd' in
Distribution.Simple.GHC. This function tries to determine whether ld
supports the -x flag by compiling a short C program ("int foo() {}")
with ghc (apparently ghc supports .c files as input).

Since ghc just invokes gcc when given .c files, and you're trying to
mimic ghc, I think it makes sense to support this behaviour. If you
think that this is ugly, you can put all such hacky code into a
separate driver program, and leave your analyser unmodified.

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