[Hackage] #931: Support building source trees with many packages

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#931: Support building source trees with many packages
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 A not uncommon use case is building a package against a set of
 dependencies that exist in (unreleased) source form. For example, given
 two packages:

 $ ls

 I'd like to be able to

 $ cd unordered-containers
 cabal build --root=..

 Cabal should then recursively traverse directories from `--root`, looking
 for .cabal files to use when fulfilling dependencies (i.e. in this case
 it'd find `hashable`.) Those dependencies should also be marked as
 preferred to any Hackage versions of the package with the same version

 It'd also be convenient to add several `--root` flags, so one can specify
 specific packages to use in source form (without using e.g. the user's
 complete `~/src` directory.)

 $ cd unordered-containers
 cabal build --root=../hashable --root=../text

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