[Hackage] #930: cabal test is dropping --test-option flags

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#930: cabal test is dropping --test-option flags
  Reporter:  tibbe          |        Owner:  ttuegel 
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 Adding two `--test-option` flags doesn't work correctly. For example, this

 cabal test --test-option=--plain

 causes cabal to (correctly) pass the `--plain` flag to the underlying
 test-framework binary. However, this

 cabal test --test-option=--plain --test-option=--jxml=dist/unit-tests.xml

 drops it on the ground. Some debug output

 cabal test --test-option=--plain --test-option=--jxml=dist/unit-tests.xml
 Using external setup method with build-type Custom
 Creating ./dist/setup (and its parents)
 Using Cabal library version 1.14.0
 Using ./Setup.hs as setup script.
 ./dist/setup/setup test --verbose=3 --test-options=--jxml=dist/unit-

 There looks like there's an extra newline in the `./dist/setup/setup`
 invocation, perhaps that's the issue?

 The problem can be reproduced on Cabal's own test suite.

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