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#910: per-package configuration
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 This may be related to #223 but I don't particularly want it in my global
 config.  I'm sick of running "cabal build" and not noticing until much
 later that my test had a compile error because I'd neglected to
 reconfigure with "--enable-test".

 A similar issue happens with packages with custom flags, say sometimes I
 lose the "-f-library" flag I sometimes use for faster compilation.

 I wish I had a mechanism to remember the command line flags passed in for
 a particular package.  Editing my global config doesn't seem quite like
 what I'm looking for; it has to be something that works, eg. with
 different branches of the same package.  What might be better for me is
 something like the Darcs prefs system, where I could edit a file in the
 current working directory like ".cabal" that says something like

 configure --enable-test -f-library
 install -fgui

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