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#918: Working documentation builder
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 Currently hackage-build is in the repository and can build documentation,
 but it depends upon a cabal-install patch adding haddock options to the
 "install" sub-command[1],

 18:21 < dcoutts> he sent a patch for cabal-install
 18:21 < dcoutts> and this relies on it
 18:21 < bgamari> It was merged?
 18:21 < dcoutts> the patch should be in the cabal-devel archives, or in
 the trac
 18:22 < dcoutts> bgamari: I've not yet, I was going to see if it could be
 done nicer / more generically
 18:22 < dcoutts> but perhaps I shouldn't bother
 18:22 < dcoutts> the difficulty is it affects the ~/.cabal/config format
 18:22 < dcoutts> so it's harder to change later
 18:22 < bgamari> ahh
 18:23 < bgamari> Yes, I can understand your hesitance in that case

 [1] http://www.haskell.org/pipermail/cabal-

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