[Hackage] #534: cabal haddock should --hyperlink-source by default

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Tue Feb 14 17:16:09 CET 2012

#534: cabal haddock should --hyperlink-source by default
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Comment(by darrint):

 I agree with the sentiment that making --hyperlink-source a default is the
 wrong thing to do.

 I burned at least a half hour last night looking for a cabal config option
 similar to "documentation: True," perhaps "hyperlink-source: true." I was
 surprised to learn that this isn't possible.

 So I had to just do without.

 I'm working with yesod, ghc 7.4.1 and virthualenv. So my normal workflow

 1. download ghc 7.4.1 binaries
 2. bunzip
 3. run virthualenv --ghc=ghc-tarball
 4. Edit cabal config to add "documentation: true." Here is where I wish I
 could add hyperlink-source.
 4. cabal install yesod # wait a long time
 5. scaffold site.
 6. cabal install --only-dependencies # wait a long time again
 7. realize I forgot cabal install alex.
 8. cabal install alex
 9. cabal install --only-dependencies # wait a long time yet again.
 10. Use web browser to go see my 40 or 50 new packages with haddock docs.
 11. Wish I knew how to make a root index page.
 12. Wish those docs had source linked like I see on Hackage.

 Because yesod has soooo many dependencies, it isn't practical to run cabal
 haddock --hyperlink-source for each one, or at least I haven't found a
 practical way to do the whole lot in one run.

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