New cabal-install release (and schedule) needed

Bryan O'Sullivan bos at
Mon Aug 27 07:27:49 CEST 2012

We need to publish a new cabal-install 0.16 release shortly, ideally before
GHC 7.6.1 and the next Haskell Platform come out.

At the very least, there's a newish incompatibility between GHC 7.6 and
cabal-install that causes all -Werror builds to fail because cabal-install
uses a deprecated package flag. This was fixed back in May, but that needs
to actually go out into the wild.

Stepping back, I'd also like to suggest that we move to a quarterly release
cycle on a simple, widely used model. A major goal here is to get code into
people's hands on a predictable schedule.

We maintain two branches, stable and master. Master freezes a month before
a release, with only bugfixes and typo fixes going in. At release time, the
stable branch opens (in case any emergency fixes are needed), and master
opens up for normal development again.

Johan and I are happy to do the work to manage these cycles.

I suggest that we start the first cycle with a target release date of the
end of September, then go four months to the next one (after all, it would
be unrealistic to pretend that we might do a release at the end of

Does this sound reasonable?
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