patch applied (hackage-server): "Add a readNewIndex function" and 2 others

devnull at devnull at
Mon Aug 20 13:28:34 CEST 2012

Mon Aug 20 12:01:57 BST 2012  Ian Lynagh <ian at>
  * Add a readNewIndex function
  Ignore-this: bba008c0adb63fad3b428f52e3bc26f7
  This means that when running "hackage-build stats" we don't need to
  re-download the index.

    M ./BuildClient.hs -1 +1
    M ./Distribution/Client.hs -2 +10

Mon Aug 20 12:12:29 BST 2012  Ian Lynagh <ian at>
  * Build docs for the latest package versions first
  Ignore-this: a4f32a2d2ba86aaed675841d1685f795
  We now do all the latest versions, and then go back doing all the older
  We also do the "does_not_have_docs" checks when handling each package,
  rather than doing them all in advance. This means that we don't do
  thousands of HTTP requests on startup when bootstrapping a new hackage.

    M ./BuildClient.hs -7 +14

Mon Aug 20 12:27:37 BST 2012  Ian Lynagh <ian at>
  * Allow the doc builder run-time to be limited
  Ignore-this: 33ad6ff0008d4d9a7370f138cd30d13

    M ./BuildClient.hs -1 +19

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