[Hackage] #945: Fails to find install plan for containers package tests

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Tue Apr 24 20:50:09 CEST 2012

#945: Fails to find install plan for containers package tests
  Reporter:  tibbe               |        Owner:        
      Type:  defect              |       Status:  new   
  Priority:  normal              |    Milestone:        
 Component:  cabal-install tool  |      Version:  1.14.0
  Severity:  normal              |     Keywords:        
Difficulty:  unknown             |   Ghcversion:  7.4.1 
  Platform:  Linux               |  
 The containers package has a test-suite section which seems to create a
 cycle when building the package. Could it be that Cabal treats the package
 as one unit instead of treating the library and test-suite sections
 separately, which should remove the cycle.

 $ cabal install --enable-tests -v3
 searching for ghc in path.
 found ghc at /usr/local/bin/ghc
 /usr/local/bin/ghc is version 7.4.1
 looking for tool "ghc-pkg" near compiler in /usr/local/bin
 found ghc-pkg in /usr/local/bin/ghc-pkg
 /usr/local/bin/ghc-pkg is version 7.4.1
 Reading installed packages...
 Reading available packages...
 Choosing modular solver.
 Resolving dependencies...
 [__0] trying: containers- (user goal)
 [__1] next goal: base (dependency of containers-
 [__1] rejecting: base-, (global constraint requires
 installed instance)
 [__1] trying: base-
 [__2] trying: rts-1.0/installedbuil... (dependency of
 [__3] trying: integer-gmp- (dependency of
 [__4] rejecting: containers-!test (global constraint requires
 opposite flag selection)
 [__4] trying: containers-*test
 [__5] trying: test-framework-quickcheck2- (dependency of
 [__6] trying: test-framework-quickcheck2-
 [__7] trying: test-framework-quickcheck2-
 [__8] trying: random- (dependency of test-
 [__9] trying: time-1.4/installed-3e1... (dependency of random-
 [_10] trying: old-locale- (dependency of time-1.4
 [_11] trying: extensible-exceptions- (dependency
 of test-framework-quickcheck2-
 [_12] trying: test-framework-hunit-0.2.7 (dependency of
 [_13] trying: test-framework-hunit-0.2.7:+base4
 [_14] trying: test-framework-hunit-0.2.7:-base3
 [_15] trying: test-framework-0.6 (dependency of containers-*test)
 [_16] trying: test-framework-0.6:-tests
 [_17] trying: test-framework-0.6:+splitbase
 [_18] trying: hostname-1.0 (dependency of test-framework-0.6)
 [_19] trying: xml-1.3.12 (dependency of test-framework-0.6)
 [_20] trying: text- (dependency of xml-1.3.12)
 [_21] trying: bytestring- (dependency of
 [_22] trying: regex-posix-0.95.1 (dependency of test-framework-0.6)
 [_23] trying: regex-posix-0.95.1:+splitbase
 [_24] trying: regex-posix-0.95.1:+newbase
 [_25] trying: regex-base-0.93.2 (dependency of regex-
 [_26] trying: regex-base-0.93.2:+splitbase
 [_27] trying: regex-base-0.93.2:+newbase
 [_28] trying: mtl-2.1/installed-0a8... (dependency of regex-
 [_29] trying: transformers- (dependency of mtl-2.1
 [_30] trying: ansi-wl-pprint-0.6.4 (dependency of test-framework-0.6)
 [_31] trying: ansi-wl-pprint-0.6.4:+newbase
 [_32] trying: ansi-wl-pprint-0.6.4:-example
 [_33] trying: ansi-terminal-0.5.5 (dependency of test-framework-0.6)
 [_34] trying: ansi-terminal-0.5.5:+splitbase
 [_35] trying: ansi-terminal-0.5.5:-example
 [_36] trying: unix- (dependency of ansi-
 [_37] trying: QuickCheck-2.4.2 (dependency of containers-*test)
 [_38] trying: QuickCheck-2.4.2:+templatehaskell
 [_39] trying: QuickCheck-2.4.2:+base4
 [_40] trying: QuickCheck-2.4.2:+base3
 [_41] next goal: template-haskell (dependency of
 [_41] rejecting: template-haskell- (conflict:
 containers==, template-haskell => containers==
 [_41] trying: template-haskell-
 [_42] trying: pretty- (dependency of template-
 [_43] trying: HUnit- (dependency of containers-*test)
 [_44] trying: HUnit-
 [_45] trying: ghc-prim- (dependency of
 [_46] trying: deepseq- (dependency of
 [_47] next goal: array (dependency of containers-
 [_47] trying: array-
 [_48] done
 cabal: internal error: could not construct a valid install plan.
 The proposed (invalid) plan contained the following problems:
 The following packages are involved in a dependency cycle test-framework-
 hunit-0.2.7, test-framework-0.6, regex-posix-0.95.1, regex-base-0.93.2,
 containers-, test-framework-quickcheck2-, QuickCheck-2.4.2,

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