Github migration of Cabal repo is problematic

Andres Löh andres at
Sat Apr 21 16:40:14 CEST 2012


I have converted the existing Cabal/cabal-install darcs repo plus
branches into a git repo. Per Igloo's request, I have tried to use the
same method that has already been used by ghc to mirror the Cabal
darcs repo to git, so that hashes of commits stay stable. However, it
turns out that the resulting repo has two invalid commits:

$ git fsck
error in commit 26ef89b1272a0d860d8c0c0b06e9a78270b179c6: invalid
author/committer line - missing space before email
error in commit cc2f67f98fbc246f010516c71722d5c3432e0a2b: invalid
author/committer line - missing space before email
dangling tag d50b3b58bbaac67412af0e1e197946599a627f0d
dangling tag 070e971fa01b7801c51455f924522d2edd4408e5
dangling tag b21bf31fc1a95688c27d5e2bd04224802ee9d82c
dangling tag 272c383a0dcaeeb8d774136bfd8b555ddcaa32c4
dangling tag 633c2bf039bbfa3fb66b204d358519d374cade22
dangling tag bb40c2dce611768b03600f6baea8b5b19f4a5da3
dangling tag 074186b4abe147ad74287ce9d674b5e29a1989f1
dangling tag b0ae0f70fe571cb89b126eb4b3132627a846d2ca
dangling tag 15b05c2da997604e4bbcfb89a6587a13c9db3705
dangling tag b5b5bb276b6102a07ed8e6f6c5aa9d4ca607c039
dangling tag a3baffce1f42c2368f653eaecba95a2278df5928
dangling tag 8ce6b0314c3eeacd6352d48e295b6362082fb68c

The presence of these commits prevents me from pushing to github.

One of these two is in the trunk and also present in the already
mirrored repository on Github. Ian tells me that they have convinced
the Github people to manually upload the repo in the past. The
question now is how to deal with this situation:

  * Should I ask the Github admins again to do some manual
intervention? Are we happy that these two patches won't cause problems
in the future?

  * Or: Should we fix the two patches by rewriting the author
information, but as a consequence changing nearly all the commit
hashes of the Cabal repo, causing a less smooth transition for
everyone who has an already checked out ghc source tree?


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