[Hackage] #936: Add Haddock-Options field to Cabal package description

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Tue Apr 3 21:18:38 CEST 2012

#936: Add Haddock-Options field to Cabal package description
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Comment(by guest):

 The feature request for the --qual option is in this ticket:
 I am currently adding a mode that is close to the proposed 'orig'
 qualification mode.

 Currently Haddock only allows to set the qualification style globally. The
 reason is that you normally choose one style of identifiers for a whole
 package. E.g. identifiers in the 'stm' package always contain a suffix
 that reflects the module. You will usually write them unqualified. In
 contrast to that package 'bytestring' re-uses the same function names in
 different modules of the package and function names that are already
 present in Prelude. Thus you will certainly use those identifiers in a
 qualified way.

 In principle we could add a Haddock-PRAGMA for a per-module setting,
 but this seems to be less useful.

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