[Hackage] #890: Base library build fails with detailed build reporting

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#890: Base library build fails with detailed build reporting
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 If you turn on detailed build reports with `--build-log=foo.log` then
 cabal-install uses the external setup method for a package rather than the
 internal setup method.

 If you try to use the external setup method with the "base" package then
 compiling the setup executable like this fails:

 /usr/bin/ghc -v --make ./dist/setup/setup.hs -o ./dist/setup/setup -odir
 ./dist/setup -hidir ./dist/setup -i -i. -package-conf
 /build-cache/local.conf.d -package Cabal-

 The reason is that the base package exports a Prelude module which is
 erroneously picked up when compiling Setup.hs in preference to the Prelude
 exported by the installed base library. This manifests as:

 *** Chasing dependencies:
 Chasing modules from: *dist/setup/setup.hs

 Prelude.hs:38:2: lexical error at character 'i'

 (Because the Prelude in the base module uses CPP)

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