patch applied (cabal): "build-tools-extend-namespace" and 2 others

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Mon May 9 00:32:10 CEST 2011

Mon Oct  5 22:58:31 PDT 2009  intractable at
  * build-tools-extend-namespace

    M ./Distribution/Simple/Configure.hs -9 +27

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Wed May  4 18:41:44 PDT 2011  intractable at
  * intrapackage-deps-and-per-component-preprocessing
  This patch adds intrapackage dependency resolution so that components
  (libraries, exes, test suites) are build in the correct order.  This mean it's
  now possible to have, e.g., executables that depend on other executables defined
  in the same package description: the build-tools namespace has been extended
  Related to this change is the refactoring of the do-it-all preprocessSources
  function, formerly invoked by initialBuildSteps, into a a function
  preprocessComponent that is invoked when a component is being built.  This lets
  us use executables defined in a package to be used as a custom preprocessor when
  building other components.
  Finally, a number of functions now operate on values of the sum type
  PackageDescription.Component rather than specifically operating on Library or
  Executable and so forth.

    M ./Distribution/PackageDescription.hs -11 +40
    M ./Distribution/Simple/Build.hs -89 +88
    M ./Distribution/Simple/Configure.hs -13 +45
    M ./Distribution/Simple/Haddock.hs -94 +98
    M ./Distribution/Simple/LocalBuildInfo.hs -1 +32
    M ./Distribution/Simple/PreProcess.hs -66 +64
    M ./Distribution/Simple/Program/Types.hs -1 +17
    M ./Distribution/Simple/SrcDist.hs -5 +10
    M ./Distribution/Simple/Utils.hs +1
    M ./tests/suite.hs -2 +1

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Sun May  8 12:09:44 PDT 2011  Duncan Coutts <duncan at>
  * Do not include disabled tests into the component build graph

    M ./Distribution/PackageDescription.hs +1
    M ./Distribution/Simple/Configure.hs -1 +1

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