[Hackage] #757: Building shared libraries to simplify C++ wrappers

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Thu Mar 17 09:49:14 CET 2011

#757: Building shared libraries to simplify C++ wrappers
  Reporter:  jodonoghue       |        Owner:              
      Type:  enhancement      |       Status:  new         
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 Component:  Cabal library    |      Version:     
  Severity:  minor            |     Keywords:  C++, library
Difficulty:  project(> week)  |   Ghcversion:              
  Platform:                   |  

Comment(by guest):

 It looks everything in the above description applies equally well if we
 replace C++ with Objective-C.  Having support for Objective-C libraries
 inside a cabal package would greatly enhance our ability to take advantage
 of native APIs on OSX.

 In fact, the description in the ticket probably applies equally well to
 any of the languages that gcc can link to C.  Perhaps it would work for
 Fortran and Ada as well for example?

 I think this feature should be a high priority.

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