[Hackage] #813: Cabal should warn if the Cabal-Version range is too lax

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#813: Cabal should warn if the Cabal-Version range is too lax
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Comment(by duncan):

 When you run `cabal check` it does issue a warning:
 The following errors will cause portability problems on other
 * The 'test-suite' section is new in Cabal 1.10. Unfortunately it messes
 the parser in older Cabal versions so you must specify at least
 'cabal-version: >= 1.8', but notethat only Cabal 1.10 and later can
 run such test suites.

 We do not however want to require that all .cabal files with test-suites
 specify `cabal-version: >= 1.10` because this would then prevent such
 packages from building with older Cabal versions. Cabal-1.8 will just
 ignore unknown sections, so it can continue to build packages that have
 test-suite sections.

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