convert a custom test-suite to Cabal-test

Henning Thielemann lemming at
Sun Mar 13 17:18:29 CET 2011

On Sun, 13 Mar 2011, Thomas Tuegel wrote:

> The hope is that once the library interface is finished, the
> QuickCheck author(s) would choose to support it directly. Then, you
> wouldn't need cabal-test-quickcheck{1,2} and you could write test
> suites that work with either version.

I would also prefer it this way.

>> I am unhappy about the naming PureTestable vs. ImpureTestable. As part of a
>> fundamental package like Cabal it further fixes the ubiquitous confusion
>> about purity in Haskell. I propose to rename as follows:
> I am also unhappy with the interface (and I wrote it!). We have known
> for a long time that we were going to change this, which is why it was
> never enabled in a released version of Cabal.

But ImpureTestable is exported from the Cabal-1.10 that is shipped with 

> I recently submitted a patch which greatly improves the detailed 
> interface; this is one issue in particular that it addresses. That patch 
> is not yet in the darcs repository for Cabal, but if you're going to 
> develop a test suite for the detailed interface, I would recommend that 
> you wait until it is, rather than develop against an obsolete interface. 
> If you want to target released versions of Cabal, you could instead 
> develop your test suite against the exitcode-stdio interface, which is 
> available now.

I prefer to convert my test-suites only once, thus I'll wait.

When running 'cabal test' within a darcs test run, then darcs removes the 
entire directory after completing the tests. Thus I cannot see the log 
files. When running the test manually I see the output from the tests in 
the terminal.

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