convert a custom test-suite to Cabal-test

Henning Thielemann lemming at
Sun Mar 13 14:29:45 CET 2011

Currently I am trying to convert the test suite in utility-ht to Cabal's 
new Testing feature. The documentation in
  mentions the packages cabal-test-hunit, cabal-test-quickcheck1, and 
cabal-test-quickcheck2 but I cannot find them on Hackage.

Will I be able to write a test-suite that works both with QuickCheck-1 and 
QuickCheck-2? So far I was able to write my Arbitrary instances and tests 
in a way that they can be run from both QuickCheck-1 and QuickCheck-2. 
Thus a single package cabal-test-quickcheck that provides a consistent 
interface to both QuickCheck versions would help me.

I am unhappy about the naming PureTestable vs. ImpureTestable. As part of 
a fundamental package like Cabal it further fixes the ubiquitous confusion 
about purity in Haskell. I propose to rename as follows:

ImpureTestable -> IOTestable
PureTestable -> SimpleTestable
              or BoolTestable

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