[Hackage] #806: cabal test should not concatenate test logs by default

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#806: cabal test should not concatenate test logs by default
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Comment(by ttuegel):

 Back when there was a command line option for appending the log files,
 this was the default.  That option went away and now we are appending by
 default.  I agree, though, that we probably shouldn't.  The situation is a
 little complicated because the log file name templates can cause logs for
 multiple test suites to be written to the same file; therefore, we have to
 use "appendFile" when we actually write to the file.

 I am attaching a patch that attempts to solve the issue by removing all
 the log files before running any tests.  Because the user could always use
 the log naming templates to rename the files, it is difficult to tell
 what's a log file; the patch assumes that any ordinary file in the test
 log directory "dist/test" is a log file.  This should be a correct
 assumption: everything that Cabal puts in "dist/test" that isn't a log
 file goes into a subdirectory.

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