mouseover types via hscolour, haddock, cabal

Malcolm Wallace malcolm.wallace at
Wed Jun 1 21:45:22 CEST 2011

> * HsColour: takes a new -acss=FILE option, where the FILE is a text file
>  corresponding to a database of identifiers/source-locations and types,
>  and renders an HTML document with the appropriate mouseover text (using
>  an extended .css file.)
>  New dependency: containers (Data.Map to hold the location -> annotation maps)

I am OK with adding the new dependency. Only one very minor request: can we have the same option name (--annot instead of -acss) as the other tools please?  It is better for consistency, reduces the memory burden on those who use the tools manually, and since the file is not actually a CSS file, may reduce potential confusion with (for instance) the -icss option.

Thanks for this useful improvement to our community documentation standards!


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