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#866: Problem linking to dll's
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 I recently installed the hmatrix package on a Windows 7 system via using
 the Haskell Platform (installed only a few months ago).  The hmatrix
 installation appeared to be successful (with an OK on foreign functions),
 and I can successfully compile Haskell programs that use hmatrix
 functions.  However, when I attempt to run these programs I get the follow
 system error:

    "The program can't start because lapack.dll is missing from your
 computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

 I get similar error messages if I attempt to use hmatrix functions in ghci
 (after importing Numeric.LinearAlgebra).

 The file lapack.dll is clearly visible in my folder C:\Haskell\gsl, which
 also includes a gsl subfolder, blas.dll, libgsl-0.dll, and
 libgslcblas-0.dll.  I installed hmatrix with the following parameters

      cabal install hmatrix --extra-lib-dir=C:\Haskell\gsl --extra-include-

 Why is lapack.dll inaccessible at runtime despite successful installation
 of the package?

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