[Hackage] #791: Large libraries not installable on OS X

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#791: Large libraries not installable on OS X
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      Type:  defect          |       Status:  new    
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 Component:  Cabal library   |      Version:
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  Platform:  Mac OS          |  

Comment(by duncan):

 Current decision of ghc devs is not to disable GHCi .o libs yet because of
 possible bugs in loading the .a archives.


 When we do change it, we can use this patch:
 hunk ./Distribution/Simple/GHC.hs 542
 -      ifGHCiLib = when (withGHCiLib lbi && withVanillaLib lbi)
 +      ifGHCiLib = when (withGHCiLib lbi && withVanillaLib lbi
 +                           -- As of GHC 7, GHCi can load .a libs, so the
 +                           -- libs are not necessary. However this only
 +                           -- correctly in later releases of the ghc-7.x
 +                        && compilerVersion comp < Version [7,0,unknown]

 Obviously, we'll have to wait to know just which ghc-7.x version it does
 work in.

 In the meantime, the workaround for affected packages is to use the flag

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