[Hackage] #793: On OS X, warn about filenames that only differ in case

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#793: On OS X, warn about filenames that only differ in case
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 I managed to make Cabal fail to build a project by having

 Name:                hamt
 Version:             0.1
 License:             BSD3
 License-file:        LICENSE
 Author:              Johan Tibell
 Maintainer:          johan.tibell at gmail.com
 Category:            Data
 Build-type:          Simple
 Cabal-version:       >=1.2

   Exposed-modules: HAMT
   Other-modules: PopCount
   Build-depends: base, vector
   C-sources: popcount.c

 The result was:

 Building hamt-0.1...
 [1 of 2] Compiling PopCount         ( PopCount.hs, dist/build/PopCount.o )
 ld: duplicate symbol _popcount in dist/build/popcount.o and
 dist/build/PopCount.o for inferred architecture i386

 `_popcount` is only defined in `popcount.c`. Looking in `dist/` showed
 that there was only a popcount.o there (from the C file). Renaming
 `popcount.c` to `popc.c` solved the problem.

 Cabal ought to warn in this case.

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