patch applied (cabal): "Clarify docs about LocalBuildInfo installedPkgs field" and 3 others

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Fri Jan 14 18:35:16 CET 2011

Mon Jan 10 16:59:41 PST 2011  Duncan Coutts <duncan at>
  * Clarify docs about LocalBuildInfo installedPkgs field
  Only deps of current package, not all installed packages.
  Confusion reported by quuuux on #haskell.

    M ./Distribution/Simple/LocalBuildInfo.hs -1 +2

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Mon Dec 20 10:13:08 PST 2010  ramsdell at
  * sdist perms fix

    M ./Distribution/Simple/SrcDist.hs -1 +7

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Fri Jan 14 09:32:19 PST 2011  Duncan Coutts <duncan at>
  * Use the standard names for file copy functions rather than a local rename

    M ./Distribution/Simple/SrcDist.hs -10 +4

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Fri Jan 14 09:33:47 PST 2011  Duncan Coutts <duncan at>
  * Change my email address

    M ./Cabal.cabal -1 +1

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