[Hackage] #788: Optionally exposed modules / APIs should be banned

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#788: Optionally exposed modules / APIs should be banned
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 It is a deliberate decision that packages cannot depend on package + flag
 combinations, only on packages. The point is that flags are not supposed
 to change the API of a package.

 This needs to be enforced.

 Consider a real example (from Chart package:
   if flag(gtk)
     build-depends: gtk >= 0.9.11
     exposed-modules: Graphics.Rendering.Chart.Gtk
 The criterion package depends on Chart and imports
 `Graphics.Rendering.Chart.Gtk` meaning that it breaks if you build Chart
 with the gtk flag turned off.

 The solution is that Chart should be prevented from conditionally exposing
 modules. We should add a QA check that looks for exposed modules that are
 conditional on a flag. It is annoying but somewhat less bad for modules to
 change between platforms.

 Should it be a hard failure or just a warning?

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