[Hackage] #507: Improve `cabal info` output for the local package (was: `cabal info` for the local package)

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Mon Feb 14 17:36:59 CET 2011

#507: Improve `cabal info` output for the local package
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Comment(by duncan):

 The `cabal info` command will now work for the local package. Just run
 `cabal info ./` or `cabal info blah.cabal` using the the local .cabal

 Note that it does not give the description of the package flags, just
 their name.

 Sun Feb 13 19:41:50 GMT 2011  Duncan Coutts <duncan at community.haskell.org>
   * Add a new module for handling user targets
   This will allow us to increase the range of targets that cabal
   commands can support. The new ones are local directory targets,
   local cabal files, local tarballs and remote tarballs by URL.
   Also a better way of doing the special "world" target.

 Sun Feb 13 19:46:27 GMT 2011  Duncan Coutts <duncan at community.haskell.org>
   * Partial rewrite of cabal list and info commands
   The new user target system requires a change in how cabal info works.
   Instead of just giving package names and looking them up in the
   available package index, we can now specify names with versions or
   version constraints which means we want the info to be about that
   version in particular. We now list many installed and available
   versions and mark which ones are preferred or not. Also fix a bug
   for packages that are only installed, not available.

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