patch applied (cabal-install): Add an --only-dependencies flag to "install" (see ticket #697)

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Mon Feb 14 03:54:01 CET 2011

Wed Jun 30 14:37:36 PDT 2010  josh.hoyt at
  * Add an --only-dependencies flag to "install" (see ticket #697)
  This flag installs only the dependencies of the packages that were
  explicitly mentioned on the command line. This is useful for using
  cabal-install in development environments, where the developer needs
  the dependencies to build the package in development, but does not yet
  want to install the package itself.

    M ./Distribution/Client/Install.hs -8 +36
    M ./Distribution/Client/InstallPlan.hs +15
    M ./Distribution/Client/Setup.hs +10

View patch online:;a=darcs_commitdiff;h=20100630213736-1c86b-951866cb4d75b77431afc64fbd495a4abe0edd1e.gz

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