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#802: copy command should not overwrite files
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 see http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/4955

 Cabal can inadvertently get users into situations where they have
 registered packages that do not match their package registration

 Consider the package darcs and darcs-fastconvert which depends on the
 darcs library. If one installs darcs, then later in the darcs build tree
 do a `cabal copy` then it will overwrite the library .hi files but not
 update the library registration. This will mean that subsequent builds of
 darcs-fastconvert will fail with very confusing error messages (see the
 ghc ticket above).

 A similar thing could happen with inplace registrations.

 The suggestion to avoid this problem is for `cabal copy` to refuse to
 overwrite .hi files (executables are fine).

 This is also partly related to #645 because some people are using `cabal
 copy` to avoid having to use `cabal install` which spends too long
 reconfiguring and checking nothing needs building before actually

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